UMX Manufacturer of Lanyard
Logo lanyard, Custom lanyard, Personalized lanyard,
Corporate lanyard, Show and Exhibit Lanyard, Political Champion lanyard
Concert lanyard, Basket Ball, Golf Ball, Football Sports Game Lanyard
Wedding lanyard, Anniversary or retirement party lanyard.
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UMX - Universal Mercantile Exchange, Inc.

UMX. provides 3 ways to order products:

By Phone: Call Toll Free 1-800-921-5523 (USA, CANADA)

By Fax: Print this Order Form on Your Printer and fax it to us at (626) 851-8561

Online: Complete the form below and submit it to UMX.

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Order Hot Line Call: 1- (800) 921-5523

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chains, logos, suspenders, hooks, clips, zipper pulls, fire sprinklers, golf balls, nuts, bots, screwsContact UMX: